About Trimlight South Bay

Trimlight's Beginning

In 2010, our founder, Ryan, grew tired of the seasonal

Trimlight SouthBay House

 ritual of hanging lights on his home, only to have to take them down amidst ice and snow a month later. Determined to find a better way, he embarked on extensive research into home construction, seeking the ideal permanent lighting solution.

Recognizing the importance of not compromising the roof or gutters, he concluded that installing lights at the fascia line was the optimal choice. As neighbors eagerly inquired about this innovative approach, Ryan enlisted the help of his closest friends to launch Trimlight as a business.

Today, Trimlight has experienced tremendous growth, with thousands of installations across the nation and the establishing over 40 dealerships in the U.S. and Canada. Despite evolving with advancements in technology and the growing reliability of LEDs, Trimlight remains committed to ongoing innovation and the development of improved products.

Trimlight’s mission is to illuminate homes across America, and eventually the world, with permanent, programmable lighting that can be customized for every holiday and special occasion, year after year.

Some Of The Exciting Trimlight Advantages

  • Trimlight offers a permanent and programmable home lighting solution that seamlessly matches your existing fascia.
  • Our patented design (Patent# 8,26,118) places the lights securely under the fascia, keeping all wires out of sight.
  • Trimlight provides a one-time installation that results in beautiful nighttime lighting that is inconspicuous during the day.
  • With Trimlight Select’s programmable lighting, you have the flexibility to celebrate any holiday, special event, or sporting occasion, or simply enjoy beautiful lighting throughout the year.
  • Trimlight also offers elegant lighting solutions for patios, decks, homes, and businesses.
  • Our professional installation services are available through our dealer networks.
Day Vs Night

A. Aluminum Channel that complements your home’s colors, available in numerous options to match various home exteriors.

B. Nearly invisible during the day, with diodes discreetly protruding from the channel for a hidden effect.

C. Trimlight channel does not interfere with most gutters or architectural features and is safely positioned below water entry points and UV exposure.

D. Our Select PLUS system provides easy control of every bulb via your smartphone, offering a wide range of color combinations and lighting effects.

E. Our LEDs are exceptionally bright and beautiful, with each diode producing 7-8 Lumens (LM) in white light. Red=300-400MCD, Green=1000-1200MCD, Blue=300-400MCD.

TRIMLIGHT bulbs exclusively use LED technology, designed for longevity and energy efficiency, far surpassing traditional incandescent bulbs.

With our TRIMLIGHT SELECT system, you can change your lights’ color with a simple click, offering endless possibilities for celebrating holidays, sports events, and more. Trimlight eliminates the hassle of installing and maintaining exterior lighting.

Trimlight South Bay House

Our Trimlight channel is crafted from high-quality, 100% recyclable aluminum, available in various colors to complement your home’s exterior.

Our channel securely holds the lights and conceals wires, providing your home or business with elegant, year-round lighting, regardless of weather conditions.

We offer a residential channel lighting option designed to easily attach to most homes, as well as a commercial channel lighting option suitable for a majority of business buildings.