Globe Lights By Trimlight

Trimlight Globe Lights: Revolutionary Outdoor Lighting

Explore Globe Lights, the ultimate in programmable outdoor lighting accessible remotely. Designed to elevate various events, whether it’s holidays, sports festivities, or other special moments, these lights create a captivating ambiance. Select from a palette of 16 Million Colors in our  RGB LED Color Guide.

Global Accessibility

Control your lights effortlessly from anywhere in the world with a simple button press, shaping the ambiance of your space.

Synchronized with Your Music

Introducing music compatibility – watch your lights dance to the rhythm! Whether capturing audio through your phone’s microphone, establishing a direct connection, or playing from your device, the Trimlight app guarantees your lights move to the beat.

Trimlight Globe Lights
Trimlight Globe Lights

Voice-Activated Excellence:

Achieve seamless integration with Alexa and Google Home. Control your lights effortlessly using just your voice, switching between settings or choosing vibrant colors.

Constant Connectivity:

Utilizing cloud technology, remain connected to your lighting system, even when you’re miles away.

Illuminate Your Home:

Enhance your outdoor gatherings with our Globe Lights! Whether it’s a lively BBQ by the pool or a peaceful evening in your backyard, these lights create the perfect atmosphere, ensuring every moment is unforgettable.

Enhance Business Allure:

Elevate your business’s visibility with Globe Lights. Ideal for restaurant patios, wedding tent lighting, or concert and event stages, these lights not only draw attention but also captivate audiences.

Trimlight Globe Lights
Globe Lights By Trimlight

Globe Lights From Trimlight South Bay

Enhance your commercial events or attract more customers with the captivating radiance of Globe Lights.

Choose Trimlight Globe Lights – where creativity meets lighting brilliance. Illuminate your space, whether it’s at home or for your business, like never before!