Try These 3 Trimlight Lighting Patterns, Perfect For St. Patrick’s Day

Transform your home into a vibrant spectacle this Saint Patrick’s Day with Trimlight’s exquisite outdoor lighting. Illuminate your space with colors of the rainbow and evoke the Irish spirit in everyone! 🌈🍀
Kiss My I'm Irish Trimlight House Lighting

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With Saint Patrick’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to decorate your home with the lively colors and joyful atmosphere of this special celebration. There’s no better way to share the Irish luck than by using Trimlight, your reliable partner for exquisite outdoor lighting.


Witness the splendor of a brilliant rainbow pattern as Trimlight lights up your home with a full range of colors. From the bold warmth of striking reds to the peaceful shades of soothing blues, your outdoor area will be transformed into a vibrant spectacle of a glistening rainbow.

Watch as the vivid colors swirl and mingle around your house, crafting a whimsical and celebratory ambiance that will surely enchant all who see it. With Trimlight, the enchantment of Saint Patrick’s Day lighting will truly shine through in a spectacular show of colors and illumination.

Rainbow Pattern Settings

RGB color codes used

  • Red (default on app): Count 5
  • Orange (default on app): Count 5
  • Yellow (default on app): Count 5
  • Green (default on app): Count 5
  • Blue (default on app): Count 5
  • Purple (default on app): Count 5


Experience the magical radiance of a brilliant pot of gold gleaming at the end of a magnificent rainbow as night falls. This captivating spectacle will charm spectators and evoke a feeling of amazement and fascination in all who see it.

Stolen Pot Of Gold Pattern
Stolen Pot Of Gold Settings

RGB color codes used

  • Green (default on app): Count 42
  • Red (default on app): Count 3
  • Orange (default on app): Count 3
  • Yellow (default on app): Count 3
  • Green (default on app): Count 3
  • Blue (default on app): Count 3
  • Purple (default on app): Count 3
  • Pink (default on app): Count 3

*Color zoning is different for each home


Embrace the colors of the day – green, gold, and white – and illuminate your home in all its lush beauty. Utilize Trimlight’s personalized LED lighting options to envelop your exterior in a stunning green, gold, and white radiance that will evoke the Irish spirit in everyone.

Kiss My I'm Irish Trimlight House Lighting
Kiss Me I'm Irish Pattern Settings

RGB color codes used

Green (default on app): Count 5
Yellow (default on app): Count 5
White (default on app): Count 2

Trimlight offers endless possibilities for enhancing your Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations. Get dressed in green, invite your family and friends, and let Trimlight help you create a stunning outdoor setting that would impress even Saint Patrick. The entire Trimlight team wishes you a happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

*Please note that RGB color codes may appear differently depending on the home design, trim color, and house color.

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