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Never Put Up, or TAKE DOWN Holiday Lights Again!

Trimlight Products

As an official Trimlight dealer, our products are supplied solely through the dedicated manufacturer.

Explore this page to discover the range of Trimlight products that can be professionally installed at your residence or business.

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Simple To Customize

  • Intuitive mobile app, featuring state-of-the-art technology
  • Create a vast array of colors and animations
  • Tailor patterns for every occasion
  • Access 180 pre-set programs for effortless operation
  • Benefit from built-in calendar and timer functions

Nearly Invisible In Daylight

  • Innovative patented channel designs seamlessly merge with roofline aesthetics
  • Available in various channel colors to complement any architectural style
  • Conceals wires entirely, leaving no unsightly traces
  • Ensures secure and stable light fixture placement
  • Enhances the architectural appeal of any roofline
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hanging christmas lights

Safety and Peace of Mind

  • Eliminates the need for precarious ladders or navigating slippery roofs
  • Offers continuous, well-lit security year-round
  • Operates at low voltage for a safe and secure installation experience

Sturdy and Energy-Savvy

  • Utilizes top-tier diodes with a 50,000-hour lifespan
  • Constructed with high-quality, double-coated painted aluminum channel
  • Conceals wires entirely from sight
  • Exceptionally energy-efficient

Made For Weather

  • Endures various harsh weather conditions
  • Diodes are entirely waterproof
  • Channel shields wires from UV rays
  • Securely fastens to withstand strong winds

Exceptional Warranty Coverage

  • Lifetime Parts Warranty from the manufacturer
  • Leading the industry with a 2-year Installation Warranty
  • Prompt and reliable response for warranty inquiries
Trimlight Warranty